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Hi, I’m Michele

I am a writer from Brooklyn, New York. I am a graduate of Hunter College and the New School MFA Creative Writing Program for Children and Young Adults. In addition to creative writing, I am also a freelance journalist, primarily writing book reviews, interviews, pop-culture think pieces, and more.

My first book, Ace Notes, is out in March 2023.

Ace Notes: Tips and Tricks on Existing in an Allo World

Covering everything from coming out, explaining asexuality and understanding different types of attraction, to marriage, relationships, sex, consent, gatekeeping, religion, ace culture and more, this is the ultimate arsenal for whatever the allo world throws at you.

Writing & Journalism

Michele has a over decade’s worth of writing experience, and is currently an Editorial Coordinator/Writer for GeeksOUT.

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Public Speaking

Michele is an experienced public speaker, presenter, panelist, and moderator. She has been the keynote speaker at LGBTQ+ events.

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Sensitivity Reading

Michele can read your book, comic, or script with queer/Jewish representation and help identify any biases, stereotypes, harmful tropes, or inaccuracies in mind.

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